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Kamal Roshantha
Nationality - Sri Lanka
Virginia - 2003 batch

"Sashi Kumar's coaching instilled in me the go- getter attitude. He has positively changed my life. I am glad I took the right decision in associating with him."
Babar Romail
Nationality - Pakistan
Washington DC -2005 batch

“I was high on promise & low on execution.Thanks to Sashi Kumar’s mentoring, he has turned me over into a successful entrepreneur. I have found a lifelong “guru” in him.”
Ramchandra Suttar
Nationality - India
Navi Mumbai 2008 batch

"I took 'Bring Out The BEST In You' training in 2008 and my life and the world around me has changed positively. Sir has shown me the true meaning of life."
Samar Biswas
Nationality - India
Nerul 2009 batch

Being a civil engineer in construction of high rise bldgs the demand for situational leadership' is quite high. Bring Out The BEST in You' helped me tweak my leadership style.
Wency Menezes
Nationality - India
Mumbai 2010 batch

'Bring Out The BEST In You' has changed my perspective towards life. I started setting goals, became optimistic & read self-help books regularly.I am open, proactive and vocal now.
Sukesh Chandra
Nationality India
Kolkata 2011 batch

The wisdom he shares from his vast experience is unique. He inspires people with a mere look.
Ms.Rohini Jagade
Nationality India
Goa 2011 Batch

I have been regularly attending training workshops and seminars for the past 12 years and I can say with confidence that the knowledge sir shares through his workshop can inspire any individual to go after their goals and achieve them.

Ms.Tania Basu


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